• Improve situational awareness
  • Assist hearing protection
  • Limit noise pollution
  • Reduce recoil
MKI and 22-45 grey

MKI Suppressor
Silencer Technology

High Pressure Acoustic Attenuation

We are absolutely passionate about simple yet sophisticated designs that we, and our clients, are very proud of. If you are looking for best in class products, you have come to the right place.

Innovative Design

  • Flexible monocore baffles
  • Innovative energy absorption technology
  • User serviceable
  • Corrosion resistant

About Us

KD&E Dynamics was founded in 2013 by Paul Kovalov, a Professional Engineer and dedicated marksman. Our mission is to develop high quality, robust products for the firearms industry. We leverage our substantial experience in precision engineering, state of the art manufacturing, and rapid innovation to deliver products we are proud to stand behind. We are currently developing a revolutionary line of handgun and rifle silencers to bring the joy of suppressed shooting to the common gun owner.

Quality Manufacturing

  • High-strength materials
  • Precision machining
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Simple and durable

We are test firing the first proof of concept prototype of the KD& ...

We are currently developing our line of silencers for rimfire applicat ...

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